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Dear Visitors, it is very exciting to see that visitors from all over the world visit our web site regularly!  We would love to know you and how we can make this web site even more beneficial to you.   We would greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment to send us a note introducing yourself, and providing feedback on how we can improve.  Or just sign our Visitor's Register.  Thank you!



Watch this space!

We will soon be announcing our Back To School programs and our Winter Institute.  This December we'll be back in the fabulous French Quarter and the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel. 




Foundations of 21st Century Education - using a Compass, not a Map!

Authentic education is about much more than the standards!  We agree that the standards are important, and we will show you an easy way to not only meet, but exceed, the standards while designing and delivering authentic, 21st century curriculum!  From the board room to the classroom, use our Compass Roses when planning everything from policy to professional development, curriculum, instruction & assessment!  The compass rose link will take you to the following:

  • Critical Attributes of 21st Century Education
  • Multiple Literacies for the 21st Century
  • 7 Survival Skills of the 21st Century as identified by Tony Wagner, Harvard University.







Introducing Paul Shoecraft, Ph.D, the creator of MOVE IT, Math!

After implementing MOVE IT, Math! for one year Herndon Elementary School in Atlanta achieved a jump in standardized math test scores from 23% to 80% success!

The very best math program for K-8 anywhere in the world!  We are proud to announce that MOVE IT Math™ , created by Dr. Paul Shoecraft, is partnering with 21st Century Schools! This excellent math program that is successful, fun and easy! 

Test scores will go up!   Your students will love math! 

Read this story of how we learned about and experienced the wild success of MOVE IT Math™  

Contact us to learn more about how to implement MOVE IT, Math in your classroom - or if you would like to set up a MOVE IT, Math program on your campus!


21st Century Schools Winter Institute - New Orleans
International December 2014

Anne Shaw addressing International Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.


These two workshops will provide you with the guidance and practical tools you need to motivate students and raise test scores!


Our work has provided us with many wonderful opportunities to see the world, to meet and work with educators from many countries, and to develop our own personal Global Competencies.  Visit our blog to see where we've been! 

Please visit our newest web site, 21st Century Schools International!

Implement a 21st Century Teacher Education Initiative in your district or country! - From global classrooms, to programs linking schools to schools internationally, to our Teacher Education Initiative custom-designed for each country . . . there is much to see, and much more coming!

Join our developing global, collaborative classrooms project - Food and Culture!

Become a member of the Coalition of 21st Century Schools - a new network of schools certified as a model 21st century school!

Contact Us for more information!



For Complete Information On The New Orleans Summer Institute click here!

These are the workshops for you if you want motivated students, engaged learners and higher test scores!  Find out how easy it is to ensure students are not only meeting, but exceeding, the CCSS or your national/state standards!

New Orleans, Louisiana,  8 & 9, 2014 - MOVE IT Math™ Institute  $599

New Orleans, Louisiana, July 10 & 11, 2014 -  Common Core and Designing the 21st Century Classroom  $599

Register Here



New Hybrid Events coming in 2015!

21st Century Schools is introducing our new "hybrid" events!  These are a synthesis of a "workshop" and a "conference" - the ultimate in the best of both worlds - world-renowned keynote speakers and in-depth, personalized learning for you!  For details see Hybrid Events!          


On-Site Professional Staff



If your school district has cut its budget by eliminating travel to out-of-district PD, or if you want a group or your entire staff to experience our workshops first hand, we can come to you!

Our professional development is designed as a model of the 21st century classroom - not "sit and get" as shown below -

But interactive - based upon the Learning Pyramid which illustrates that the highest level of learning occurs when the learners "teach each other and make immediate use of their learning" . . .


Please contact us now to reserve your dates for on-site professional development, both in the United States and abroad!

*  Our workshops are being continually redesigned and updated to keep up with new technologies such as Web 2.0 tools, social media  developments, current research and developments in education and our always evolving creative ideas for curriculum!




to Sugata Mitra 

Dr. Sugata Mitra, an Advisory Board Member of 21st Century Schools, has been awarded the first $1 Million Dollar prize from TED! 

The annual award provides an "exceptional individual" the opportunity to "conceive and launch a high-impact project."



Famous for his "hole in the wall" project, Sugata spoke at the TED awards conference to reveal his new project: 

"My wish is to help design the future of learning by supporting children all over the world to tap into their innate sense of wonder and work together."

"Help me build the 'School in the Cloud,' a learning lab in India, where children can embark on intellectual adventures by engaging and connecting with information and mentoring online."

SOLE - make your classroom a Self-Organized Learning Environment.  Download Sugata Mitra's toolkit, "How to Bring Self-Organized Learning Environments to Your Community," at


Sugata Mitra and students at the Hole in the Wall Project in India.

To contribute to his TED Prize, visit:

More information on his project, including videos, is at

See Dr. Mitra's research and additional information on his work here.




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