It won't be long until the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina - August 29 of 2015.  This event, as well as the interim, is rich with possibilities for a relevant, rigorous and real-world PBL curriculum experience.  We will be adding new suggestions for a 10th anniversary unit very soon.  We also welcome your suggestions!  Please send them to

Also see other Hurricane Katrina Curriculum Resources here.

Watch these three PowerPoint presentations on designing a unit based on Hurricane Katrina.  These are rather large files and will simply take several minutes to download.  We recommend clicking/downloading them all at once, go for a cup of coffee, and come back to enjoy! 

We wish to acknowledge that this video series focuses on the disaster in New Orleans.  We do not wish to imply that people in Mississippi and Alabama did not  suffer enormous devastation in Hurricane Katrina - loss of life, loss of loved ones, loss of property.  We were there in Mississippi.  

Hurricane Katrina Part I -  These PPTs are how we brainstormed ways to design PBL related to the event of Hurricane Katrina.  We begin with a photo essay . . .


Hurricane Katrina Part I




Hurricane Katrina Part II - in this section you will see some of the Big Question we have developed for this unit.  These Big Questions guide student research and cause a need for the information, the skills, and knowledge of the disciplines.  We also have examples of ways to teach multiple literacies for the 21st century in this unit, and a brief discussion of critical pedagogy and social issues.


Hurricane Katrina Part II



Hurricane Katrina Part III -  this is where you will see examples of many connections to the disciplines, starter lists for resources, and a brief outline of the brainstorming a theme process.


Hurricane Katrina Part III




Notes from 2006 - By the time Hurricane Katrina hit I knew that this would be an important theme for the classroom.  Within a couple of days, as we witnessed the growing horrors, I knew it would be imperative.  This unit is appropriate and adaptable to any grade level, from PreK through PhD.

I began by brainstorming what could be done with the theme.  What disciplines were relevant?  What kinds of projects could students do that were rigorous and relevant?  The unit had to have certain critical attributes, the top three being that it was integrated, interdisciplinary and project-based

The PowerPoint presentations above offer some ideas, and though what we have here is enough to keep anyone busy for years, we also know that much more can be added.  I believe you will enjoy taking a look at these ideas and suggestions.

For ease of use (due to large file size) we have divided the Hurricane Katrina PowerPoint into three parts.  Please view all of them!


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