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Designing the 21st Century Classroom + Common Core State Standards

In this workshop we have combined our research-based, university accredited curriculum design workshop, Designing the 21st Century Classroom, with an intensive focus on embedding the Common Core State Standards.

Designing the 21st Century Classroom will take you through a process from identifying and articulating what a 21st century classroom looks and feels like to the development of your final product - a framework for a 21st century curriculum unit designed for your classroom, school or district.  Watch student motivation, attendance, learning and test scores soar!  Find out how to have your students excel on standardized tests without being just a test-prep factory.

Your unit design will include all the critical attributes of a 21st century classroom.  It will be project-based, interdisciplinary, and provide differentiated instruction as well as authentic, performance-based assessments.

You will analyze and "unpack" the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) for all disciplines, and embed these throughout your unit design.  You will design authentic formative and summative assessments for your students to guide your Differentiated Instruction for each student throughout the implementation of your 21st century unit!


Motivation - Students today live, learn and play in a media-saturated society, in a world of “infotainment” and spectacle. For many students the curriculum is not relevant, and they become disengaged from learning.

Media Literacies - Rapid developments in technology have brought many exciting changes to life in the new millennium, presenting new challenges for schools. Multiple new literacies are required to navigate the “forest of signs and symbols” of our globalized media culture. (Douglas Kellner, UCLA)



Diversity - Globalization and immigration have created a society of increased diversity. Old and new social issues demand an informed, concerned and empowered citizenry.  Find out exciting opportunities to take your classroom global.

Standardized testing mania has made meaningful curriculum an endangered species. Find out why it's not an "either-or" situation - you can still teach the way you know you should and your kids will excel on their standardized tests! Read the research!

Technologies and Multimedia - utilize these 21st century tools as the vehicles to implement your curriculum!  Here you will learn about many of the best and newest Web 2.0 tools.  Examine many ways to utilize that SmartBoard in your classroom as well as tools such as iPod and iPad!  We can show you how easy it is to take your classroom "global" - let your students learn "with" the world, not just "about" the world.

21st Century Skills - create units designed to help your students develop the 7 Survival Skills for the 21st Century:

  • Imagination and Creativity

  • Collaboration and Leadership

  • Initiative and Entrepreneurship

  • Effective Oral and Written Communication

  • Agility and Adaptability

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Accessing and Analyzing Information

Multiple Literacies for the 21st Century - learn how to design experiences for your student which develop these critical literacies:

  • Aural Literacy

  • Visual Literacy

  • Ecoliteracy

  • Emotional Literacy

  • Financial Literacy

  • Media Literacy

  • Multicultural Literacy

  • Global Competencies

  • Information Literacy

  • Cyberliteracy

In this workshop we will address these issues, and more, as you . . .

Learn Curriculum Design and Classroom Strategies to:

  • Meet the needs of your students
  • Bring your classroom into the 21st century
  • Exceed the standards
  • Raise standardized test scores
  • Maintain meaningful, authentic curriculum!

Designing the 21st Century Classroom - about the workshop . . .

Who Should Attend:
  • Classroom Teachers and Principals K-12
  • Staff Developers
  • Curriculum Specialists
  • University Professors of Education
  • University Students in Teacher Education Programs
  • After Schools Programs
What You'll Do:
  • Participate in a variety of groups while learning classroom strategies experientially
  • Gain new perspectives as you collaborate with other educators
  • Develop a unit designed for your classroom reflecting the goals, needs and interests of your students, campus and community
  • Analyze and apply current educational research and best practices in education as you design your 21st century classroom
  • Incorporate new technologies and multimedia into your curriculum design
  • "Unpack" and embed into your curriculum design the Common Core State Standards.

What You'll Take With You"

  • 21st century project-based unit that you have designed for your classroom
  • Certificate for Professional Staff Development
  • Designing the 21st Century Classroom, a toolkit, containing all this and more:
    • Yearly Curriculum Planning Guide
    • Sample Units—various themes and grade levels
    • Themes Bank - jump-start your curriculum planning with this bank of possible themes
    • Classroom Strategies - from physical room arrangements to student grouping and activities
    • Guide to the Global Classroom
    • Unit and Lesson Design Tools
    • Media Literacy - Ideas & Resources
    • Authentic Assessment Tools
    • Recommended Resources
    • Multiple Intelligences Inventories & Lesson Ideas
    • Current research & best practices in education

Registration Fee includes:

Few workshops include snack breaks! You can pay our price or more for professional development workshops that don't even provide morning coffee. We make great efforts to treat you special, like the professional you are who deserves luxury treatment.

  • Continental breakfast
  • Mid-morning snacks
  • Mid-afternoon snacks

Now is the time to reserve your dates for planned professional staff development at your campus or district. We can bring you one of our workshops, or we can work with you to develop a unique professional development plan tailored to the needs and goals of your district and community. Call Anne Shaw, Director of 21st Century Schools, to discuss your needs for the upcoming school year and to reserve your preferred dates. See our web site for additional information. Call (254) 206-1744 or email us.

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